Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Nepal Institute for Policy Studies (NIPS) is an independent, non-profit making research organisation registered at District Office of Kathmandu and established in 2008. NIPS focuses on policy-oriented studies and links academic research with public policy on national and international issues. NIPS is committed to providing forums for substantive and inclusive dialogue between policy makers, researchers and public scholars.

Main Objectives:

Conduct research on various policy issues particularly on international relations, security and democracy. Provide a venue for independent and critical studies, research and dialogue on relevant policy issues. Promote interaction and collaborative research among scholars, policy makers and other professionals inside and outside the country.

Link academic research and public policy on various national and international issues. Publish a regular journal on international relations, security and other current relevant issues. Foster linkage and collaboration between institutions devoted to studies on similar issues in South Asia and beyond.

NIPS believes that a long-term vision for Nepal and the region must be based on an in-depth understanding of our own national interests, inter-states relations and the country’s strategic dimensions. NIPS undertakes research in international relations, security, and democracy with topics selected on the basis of their relevance to public policy. NIPS’s fields of study include Nepal’s bilateral and multilateral relations. It also studies strategic and security issues and non-traditional security. NIPS’s area of study includes institutionalization of democracy, specifically the democratization of political parties. NIPS also encourages inter-disciplinary studies and establishes links with research networks worldwide.

NIPS disseminates its research findings and studies through a variety of channels including national and international conferences, symposia and seminars; publication of books, periodicals, journals, research papers and contributions to the mass media. Its research findings are also channeled in various forms as independent input to government, universities and research institutions and civil society organizations.

NIPS is planning to publish a regular journal covering articles on international relations and security. As our studies focus on international relations and security issues in the immediate areas of Nepal’s interests, including India, China, US, EU, SAARC, East Asia and the UN, our publications would also focus on these areas.

NIPS’ core academic members are a group of young, energetic and fresh minded university graduates and PhD holders who have an expertise in international studies, strategic studies, security, political sciences and social sciences.

NIPS seeks support for its research programs and activities from foundations, multilateral organizations and donor institutions. It also welcomes donations from groups and individuals.